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NIHE Village Regeneration

NIHE have recently confirmed the Village area as an Urban Renewal Area (URA) NIHE intend, over the next ten years, to demolish and replace or retain and improve unfit properties. For private properties located within the defined “Improvement Area” NIHE will attempt to provide grant assistance to carry out repair and improvement works.

Grant Types

• Renovation: up to £25,000 may be available for major improvement works such as kitchen / bathroom extensions or work of a serious nature (rewiring, roof replacement, installing a damp proof course, etc).

• Home Repairs Assistance: a maximum of £5,000 can be paid over a three year period for work such as replacing windows / doors, roof repairs, pointing brickwork, rewiring, etc

• Repair: available to Landlords for work which is the subject of a Statutory Notice served by Belfast City Council’s Environmental Health Department. A maximum of £7,500 can be paid over a three year period. The final amount is linked to the rateable valuation of the property.

Once you have a grant application pending or have recieved your schedule of works you will likely be wondering as to your next step, do you look for an Architect in Belfast, do you look for a Contractor in Belfast, do you need a solicitor to confirm the ownership of your home.  All of these are normal concerns but the grants process is actually quite straighforward and if you contact us we will help you out with specialist advice and without obligation.

Techniplan have always specialised in the preparation of Architectural Plans for NIHE Grants and have built up a strong working relationship with NIHE, Fold Housing and all of the statutory bodies and trades linked with Northern Ireland Housing Executive Grant aided schemes.

Our team can look after your Grant Application and as well as preparing NIHE Plans we can provide ongoing assistance with paperwork and contractors for you.  All of our fees are fully refundable by NIHE to you as part of the grant application.

If you have a grant application pending or would be interested in making an application contact us for free advice on your next step.