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Outline of Services


  • Property Extensions
  • Garages / Games rooms
  • Loft Conversions
  • Basement conversions
  • Change of Use applications
  • Internal Renovations
  • Boundary Mapping
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation renovations and upgrades


Techniplan have built up a valuable and close relationship with NIHE through specialising in preparing NIHE Plans for Northern Ireland Housing Executive grant aided schemes.

For a full breakdown of NIHE Grant applications and the service provided by Techniplan please visit our site NIHE

NIHE Village Regeneration Scheme (

NIHE have recently confirmed the Village area as an Urban Renewal Area (URA) NIHE intend, over the next ten years, to demolish and replace or retain and improve unfit properties. For private properties located within the defined “Improvement Area” NIHE will attempt to provide grant assistance to carry out repair and improvement works.

The Renovation Grants being provided in the Village area are unique in that Renovation Grants are not widely available in N.Ireland at present.  For this reason we have set up a specific page on our site with further details on the scheme and the Service Techniplan offer alongside this.  This can be viewed at


Techniplan are able to look after as much or as little of your design project as you require.  We would generally provide a complete design service where all statutory applications are lodged on your behalf unless you prefer otherwise.  We have created a separate webpage to better detail the different statutory applications that may be involved in your works.  This can be viewed at the link below.

Techniplan Statutory Applications Guide


Techniplan is fully accredited and able to provide Energy Performance Certificates (E.P.C) for all residential properties.  All properties listed for sale or rent require an E.P.C however as well as providing E.P.C ‘s for this purpose we also prepare reports to help highlight any areas where you could improve the energy efficiency of your property prior to undertaking renovation works.  This allows you to give consideration to implementing energy saving measures into your designs from the start instead of re-visiting it on completion of works when it will be harder to implement.  On completion of works we also prepare a new EPC to provide you with an up to date EPC certificate valid for 10 years subject to any future works that change the energy characteristics of the property being undertaken.  We have created the webpage at EPC that details or EPC Service.


If you prefer to make an application yourself or you are in the process of making an application to one of the above statutory bodies we also offer help and advice on how to fill out the application forms, Please click here to e-mail your enquiry and ensure you add your address to the subject line.


If you prefer to proceed with your works as a "Design And Build Package" we can offer this but with a unique added advantage of not being limited to only one contractor.

A contractor who specialises in Extensions will undertake other building works such as light internal renovations but will not be as competitive as a firm specialising in internal renovations.  It is with this in mind that we decided to approach "Design and Build" differently from other companies.

Techniplan are not and have never been a Building Contractor.  To add this overnight to our list of skills would be misleading and likely provide and inferior service to our customers.  We realised though that with our vast network of experienced contractors we would be able to offer a more tailored "Design and Build" service where all parties involved are specialists in their chosen area of trade and thereby bringing together a vast collection of experience.

This ensures that you are not limited to one contractor after designs are completed and that the contractor you appoint is experienced in the particular area of works being undertaken and are fully insured under the appropriate Contractors Guarantee Schemes.


In all cases we will always undertake a feasibility study as part of the overall design service but if required this can be provided separately.


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